Staff Augmentation is one of the hottest topics in the Romanian job market, proven by the significant rise in organisations engaging in this service. Competing in a rapidly changing environment with fluctuating demands, businesses turn to Staff Augmentation as a critical operation strategy to grow responsiveness and remain competitive. Staff augmentation is the type of service that temporarily uses outsourced referred personnel to augment the capacity of the client’s organisation, which are popularly used for roles ranging from the supply chain, Research and development, customer service, IT, HR, and Operations and many more. Typically, the staff augmentation time period is between 1 to 3 years; however, the smallest duration is always possible depending on clients’ hiring and staffing service needs. It can fulfill short temporary spikes in clients’ small projects, developing production, or developing in seasonal business demands, by leveraging the resources of outsourced service providers and their contract workers with a great deal of flexibility in mind. Our referred employee will fill in the gap needed for a professional skillet for any required duration. The flexible workforce is a way of gaining a competitive benefit and readiness to meet any business demands on an immediate basis. In addition, an employee’s referral from us can also be used as a trial run for your company/business/industry for potential future full-time employees. No matter which industry you are in, seasonal demands are inevitable, which would lead to either a temporary spike in staffing or a small dip in labor. With employee Augmentation, companies/industries with constant flux staffing requirements can promptly meet their needs without incurring additional infrastructure investment.