Cookie administration policy

In order for the optimal functionality of this site, it is necessary to use "cookie" technology. This technology allows data to be stored on your device when a website is accessed through an internet connection. This type of cookie information can be considered a "flag" located locally on your device that the web page recognizes and can optimize the display and functionality in a personalized way. It is very important to know that a cookie is a completely passive type of digital data and does not run or run any software (it is not a virus or any other type of malicious software and cannot access the information you provide). stored in the computer).

The web page we own will process cookies only with your express consent. If you wish to withdraw your consent to use cookies, please make the necessary settings in your browser; however, in this case we inform you that some features present in the web page will not be able to work properly.

This type of file described above recognizes the user's terminal of this site, helping the information contained at the level of the web page to be presented in a way that is as relevant as possible, and most importantly, adapted to the user's preferences. Cookies are necessary to provide users with a comfortable service and a pleasant browsing experience.

This policy for the use of cookies is in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of personal data. For more details on your rights, access the privacy policy: https://mepa.ro/privacy-policy

Some relevant examples for the use of cookies:

  • Presentation of relevant content and services to the user
  • Collect anonymous information (such as how many users visited the site and what pages are of interest) to generate reports needed to improve the website
  • They are very handy in remembering your site-level settings (such as site language, or other unique customizations)
  • It can control the manipulation of resources in order to optimize the loading speed of the web page
  • Retention of registration data on a web page is also due to cookie settings

Cookie data is divided into several categories, as follows:

  • After the lifetime: session cookie and fixed cookie
  • By purpose of use: essential or strictly necessary cookie, performance cookie, functionality cookie, targeting cookie

Several categories from those listed above are used in this site. For a better understanding of these types of data see the following explanations:

  • Session cookies are those types of digital data that are active only as long as you use the web page
  • Permanent cookie is the type of digital data that is stored on your device until it is manually deleted from your browser settings.
  • Cookies are those types of digital data that guarantee the operation of the site
  • Performance cookies are those types of digital data that provide information and statistics about site performance, such as: number of daily or unique visits, traffic sources, etc.
  • Functionality cookies are those types of digital data that store the user's settings regarding the web page (for example, display language or font size) and aim to provide the most personalized experience possible.
  • Targeting cookies are those types of digital data that are used to provide preferential advertising or in the case of links to certain social platforms. It is important to know that if you disable or decline this type of cookie, do not block advertising on the site and only block the provision of advertising that takes into account your preferences and interests.

For a better understanding of the cookies used by this site you can consult the table of active cookies within this web page. Click to download the report on the cookies used.

All types of cookies presented above can be filled by so-called "third-party cookies" or cookies belonging to third-party partner companies.

The personal data that are taken over when using the cookie technology are encrypted in order to block unauthorized access to them; however we mention that personal data such as name or bank details are not for the purpose of using cookies.

If you have any questions regarding the protection of personal data, cookie policy or any information on our website, do not hesitate to contact us: office@mepa.ro