Placement of Demand Letter
The employer willing to use the services of MEPA.RO (Mega Employment Placement Agency) for employment of overseas workers/employees may establish direct contact with MEPA.RO. To take quick action on the demand letter, it is necessary to state the type of workers required, nature of work, number of workers, wages/salary, qualifications and experience and other terms and conditions of service and benefits the employer would like to offer. The employer may contact MEPA.RO by E-mail/Mobile/Courier. We already attached sample of Demand Letter.

Power of Attorney

In the event of processing work permit, stamping visa and all others related to the recruitment services in Romania and worker’s country of residence for the selected workers, the employer should authorize MEPA.RO to recruit workers and to apply for visa.

Work permit
Documents granting permission of the competent authority for employment of overseas workers in Romania, the employer need to apply Work Permit to the GENERAL INSPECTORATE FOR IMMIGRATION (I.G.I). Issued Work Permit should be sent to MEPA.RO.
If the employer need assistance to apply/process Work Permit, MEPA.RO will assist the employer to apply/process the Work Permit.

Employment Contract
Standard form of employment contract in English should be sent to MEPA.RO in which the following
conditions are to be clearly stated:
>Working hour;
>Overtime Allowance;
>Traveling Expenses;
>Medical Facilities;
>Food and accommodation facilities: (Free food and accommodation are to be generally provided
by the employer for unskilled and semi-skilled workers. In the absence of such facility they
should be provided with adequate food allowances/cooking facilities. Highly technical or
professional personnel need not be provided with free accommodation and food, but in that case
adequate allowances should be provided).
> Weekly holidays and annual holidays
>Other conditions shall be according to the Labour Laws of the host country (Romania) and
>The employers shall enter into an agreement with the recruited workers.

Agency Agreement
The employer may enter into an Agency Agreement with MEPA.RO. Agency agreement stated the responsibilities of both parties and all terms & conditions to implement the migration process smoothly & legally.


Advertisement of Vacancies
On receipt of the authentic demand letter either through E-mail/Courier/Website or directly from the employers, the MEPA.RO collects CVs through any one or a combination of the following processes to line up the suitable candidates for consideration of the employer.

>Newspaper advertisement
>Advertisement through website.
>Advertisement on Notice Board
>Job Seeker from Data Bank of MEPA.RO
>From Specialized Departments.

Receipt of CVs
Through wide circulation CVs thus received/collected are scrutinized by a team of expert for short-listing as per requirements of the employers, (if desired by the employers). The short-listed CVs are sent to the employer (if desired) or will be kept in the office for interview and final selection by the employer’s Selection Team(s). MEPA.RO prefers that selection of workers be made by the employers or by their authorized representatives directly.

Selection of Candidates

The employers or their representatives carry out interviews/trade tests and do the final selection of candidates for which MEPA.RO provide necessary assistance and logistic support, like issuance of interview cards, arranging suitable place for interview/written test, and practical trade test, if necessary. MEPA.RO always prefers to select the workers by the employer or his representative directly MEPA.RO may also select workers on behalf of the employers through its committee of experts, if so desired by the employer.

Medical Test:

The finally selected candidates are sent for medical examination only to the appointed/authorized Medical Centers. Generally, they are examined at the Medical Centers enlisted by the Embassies of the employers’ countries, if available.